Kids Protection Plan

When it comes to your children, you cannot just rely on a simple will to protect their future if something happens to you. Your Kids Protection Plan should have an estate plan that ensures that your children are always taken care of by guardians of your choice.

At Cornerstone Law Offices, we help you set up your Kids Protection Plan that ensures that your children will be cared for.

Without a proper plan in place, your kids can face an uncertain future:

  • Your children may be placed into the guardianship or custodianship of someone you would never want.
  • The decisions for your family are made by a judge who doesn’t know anything about your or your family.
  • There may be a long custody battle within your family or someone may even challenge your children’s guardians.
  • Without a Kids Protection Plan, a court battle can cost a significant percentage of the value of your assets.
  • A court battle can also tie up your assets for a long time, preventing your children access to the resources to a comfortable living.

We at Cornerstone Law Offices help you create and implement a Kids Protection Plan that covers all aspects of how your children will be taken care of if you are incapacitated or you die. We are much more than your estate planning lawyers.

We offer a Kids Protection Plan with all our estate plans for families having minor children. It includes legal documents, emergency ID cards to keep in your wallet with a set of instructions. It will help you ensure that your children don’t get into the custody of Child Protective Services or some strangers if something happens to you. The plan will ensure that your kids are taken care of and raised by those you choose.

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